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Heroic Nighthold Cleared!

by Nylos Aurion, 229 days ago

After months of building our WoW chapter has gotten a very skilled consistent raid group and we've finally cleared all Heroic content!  We'll continue poking at Mythic as well as getting the raid meta-achievement.  Overall great work; Kil'jaeden needs to watch out!


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Guild Meeting NOTES: Sunday, March 5, 2017

by Nwahs, 261 days ago

We held a community-wide guild meeting today, March 5, 2017.  WoW, SWTOR, and Overwatch players all came together in Discord to chat!  There were over 20 people at the first meeting in the day at 2pm and almost 20 at the 2nd meeting.  


Here is a link to the notes from the meeting.


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Some forum updates and Overwatch Chapter Launches

by Nwahs, 299 days ago


Overwatch released in May 24 of 2016, and while many Pax players bought the game, few of those long time SWTOR/WoW players continue to play Overwatch.  Nwahs will now begin recruiting Silver and Gold ranked OW players to join us in our Pax Republica Discord for more organized teamwork for Ranked play.


Some forum updates:  

Discord Server widget added to the right side

Recent Images widget changed to last 100 images not just 5

Who's online lowered down since it's not as important

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Officer Meeting a huge success: Policy changes!

by Nwahs, 362 days ago

We had a very successful guild officer meeting.  The main goal was to establish a solid plan for the future for guild leadership.  We've established strong "Game Captains", or Praetors, for SWTOR and WoW, who will lead the guild in those various chapters.  The Overwatch Chapter will remain fluid but Nwahs will continue to provide leadership there.    Each chapter will also have officers (Arbiters) and Marshals to lead players in content and recruiting in those games.

We have also decided to remove our forum activity requirements in lieu of more generic "activity requirements": If a player is considered inactive by his/her chapter's leadership team, they will be removed from the guild.  We will now rely on a Google Sheets "Master Roster" instead of the forums roster to keep track of all our members.

The Trials process will be changed drastically.  No longer will we require a potentially new member to apply, return to the forums, and spend 2 weeks performing tasks.  Because the forums will become an optional tool much like GroupMe and Discord, the application button will still exist as a way for a potential recruit to let us know they'd like to join, but the "Trials" will simply be a time of holding "Trainee" rank until they've gotten into voicechat and spent 3-5 hours of group content.  At that time, an officer or member can vouch for the new person to achieve full membership rank.

Because of this, Friend of the Guild rank will be much less necessary.  

Chapter Leaders will decide whether or not they'll just have a Trainee rank or keep the Trainee and Initiate rank, as they will more or less be the same thing in our new vision for the path to membership.

Chapter Leaders will have full control over the way their in-game guild is run.


For more information, you can read the meeting minutes or ask an officer :)


The goals for all these changes is to have a more modern approach to recruiting and ensuring members of Pax Republica still hold our values dear.  

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