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October 2016 Promotions

by Nwahs, 12 days ago


The following people have been promoted in the guild :D


Nylos -   ARBITER


Very well deserved, our most knowledgable and active member of our WoW Chapter.  Nylos is now a full officer in the guild.  Thank you!



Also well deserved.  Just super awesome guy to have in the guild, great leadership skills.  Welcome to the officer staff!




Seuhae:  Marshal

His new rank and privileges reflect his activity and knowledge in SWTOR and other areas of communication with the guild.  Congrats!


Kod1ak (Logan)  -  Justicar

Undying loyalty to the guild and 4 solid years of service... this is probably long overdue.  You don't see him leading from the front of many groups but he's certainly a leader of the guild in other ways.  Congratulations!


Gilthresa:  Justicar

A great leader, funny guy, and active member.  Cheers!


Error:  Legionnaire

Error has been in the guild since March and is overdue for a promotion!  Cheers man!

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Happy 7 year anniversary Pax!

by Nwahs, 61 days ago

HAPPY 7 YEARS TO PAX REPUBLICA!  How many great memories have we made together?  How many cool people have come through these doors to game with us?  It's been a great ride :)


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Dark Side Vs Light Side Event!!

by Naaric, 105 days ago

A lot of members are getting above 30% completetion! Hop into Teamspeak and see what the hype is about!

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HM Revanite Commanders are finally dead!

by Nwahs, 205 days ago

We never quite got them in 3.x, but we got them now in 4.3!

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Guild to be reorganized to a Multi-Gaming Guild!!!

by Nwahs, 235 days ago

See the forums for information about how we've had a vote over several rule changes that will make our guild a bit more accessible to new people and for us to branch easier into more games, but still stay true to the things that make our guild great!


List of changes made to the forums:


Litst of proposals that were approved: 


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