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re: The Charter of Pax Republica




"Winning isn't everything, but making the effort to win is."

Pax Republica began as an 18+ guild. It was expected that the older the member is, the more mature they will be - however this was deemed to be inconsistent and unnecessary to promise a quality community and was removed. We now permit gamers of all ages to apply and join, however we hold all members to the same level of expected maturity.

The Charter is the over-arching document that sets forth the basic values, goals, and beliefs of our guild. These values are inspired by the original vision of the First Guild Consul when he created the guild, and all members of Pax Republica will be champions of these values in-game, on the forums, in Discord, etc. or will be removed from the community. This Charter is subject to change at the will of the Consul and will give an overview of how a member should behave and carry him/herself.


We require our members demonstrate all of the characteristics detailed below in the Articles at the most basic of levels. These qualities define the ideal member of the Pax Republica community. If any member is found to be lacking in too many of these qualities they will quickly and effectively be purged from the community regardless of their current number of strikes.

Article 1 : INTEGRITY

Integrity can be loosely defined as "doing the right thing even when no one is looking." Do not bring shame to yourself, your fellow guildies, or your community as a whole. Uphold the values of this community and set positive examples for others to follow. At no time may you commit an offense (trolling, bashing, flaming) in the 'name' of this charter or Pax Republica as a group. Always be honest.  It is always the easier road.

Article 2 : LOYALTY

When you join this community you are agreeing to meet and adhere to our expectations of behavior, and to fit in with our way of doing things as gamers, forumers and as people. It means that you shall not breach any part of this charter in any way at any time. You must always stand up for our guild members and support your officers who work hard to maintain this community. You will be loyal to the officers and your fellow members; if you seriously disagree with any decisions made by the administration, you will do your best to bring these concerns up through the chain of command, not with whiny public posts that will ultimately reflect poorly on yourself.

Article 3 : DEDICATION

Striving for the betterment of not only yourself, but of the community as a whole is expected from all members. Whether it be leveling, crafting, raiding, pvp'ing, exploring, donations, or pure social goals - dedication to something, and activity within the community is highly encouraged.

Article 4 : HUMILITY

Pax Republica is a casual environment that will aim to progress through hardcore dedication and effort on the parts of the whole community. To that extent, there is no room for elitists or those who wish to flex their e-peen muscles and exclude other members. Arrogant and elitist attitudes reflect poorly on the player as much as on their guild, and thus are expected to be kept in check. Also, if and when a member receives a strike or a warning for poor behavior during their membership, they are expected to be humble in accepting the decision of the administration and not make a scene out of it. Punishing your friends isn't easy, and giving the admins grief over it doesn't make things easier.


Try on your own, try again but only harder, and then if you cannot succeed seek help. We are a community that is here to help one another out and group up, but won't babysit or spoon feed anyone. Members are expected to carry their own weight as we will not be carrying them through content. But we guarantee to give a helping hand when asked politely and when members are free to help out.

Article 6 : ATTITUDE

Members of Pax Republica are generally expected to have a positive attitude. It's certainly fine to have bad days and to even post about your bad days on the forums; we are a family and will support each other. However, members are expected to carry a positive attitude most of the time. Members will be pleasant to interact with and contribute to the community in ways that other members find positive and enjoyable. Debbie Downers and anyone who lets their negativity bring others down will be removed.

Article 7 : RESPECT

Another highly valued characteristic within Pax Republica. Respect in how we interact with one another is crucial to the longevity and success of this community. As we spend hours together every day in game and in Teamspeak, on these forums and in other media, it is necessary that we show one another courtesy and respect otherwise problems will arise. Treat others in the fashion you would wish to be treated. All members are expected to show the utmost respect to all players and people they encounter. Lastly, you are expected to respect the members and administration of this community by reserving any disagreements or emotionally charged concerns for Private Messages with them. Publicly attacking any member of this community in any fashion is cause for a strike or instant removal.

Article 8 : MATURITY

This is the single most important value we expect from our members. A mature individual will have no problems controlling their actions, taking responsibility for mistakes, treating others with respect, being humble, and remaining loyal and dedicated to this community and its members. Make sure you think twice before speaking, and re-read any post before you submit it, should you feel it may be out of character or gather an emotionally charged response. Age does not define maturity, action does.



Pax Republica prides itself on having a great group of individuals who go out of their way to make others feel welcome and provide assistance when able. We have been recognized by several other guilds for our quality player base and we intend to maintain that appreciated and hard earned recognition. To do that we expect the members to uphold and actively practice the Values laid out in the Articles. We ask that each member does their very best to be the best they can be at all times, and that our current members continue to be top-notch individuals that bring positive recognition to this community.




Pax Republica is a guild of people from all over the world of all ages, all beliefs and other demographics. When you have people from all over the world with different ways of handling situations and ideas of what is "acceptable" conversation, one must remember to check their language and conversation topics. Remember that you don't know what someone has experienced in their life, so at no point is it acceptable to make blanket statements bashing a belief, action, or cause.

"Adult" conversation is allowed, i.e. curse words given in exclamation, excitement or for emphasis that are not-directed at an individual and not when it's over-used. Excessive vulgarity will be given a warning before real action is taken against it. Members are required to maintain civility, speak with respect even when in disagreement with another member, and keep "disgusting" topics off our Discord or forums. Remember that some members have children, and though it's always a parent's responsibility to monitor and control what their children have access to hear or read, it's still your responsibility as a member of Pax Republica to present a professional image as a quality gaming guild at all times. Pax Republica also strives to be a guild that creates an environment that is welcoming for all gamers, so sexist jokes, or demeaning sexual humor, will not be tolerated at all.  Additionally, we do not tolerate racist or hateful language in any form, "joke" or not.

Lastly, we do not wish to have religion, politics, or other highly controversial or polarizing topics in open communication channels. Guild chat, Discord or the forums is not the place for such discussion.

Use your common sense. Failure to respect one another will result in immediate removal from the community.


EOTG is an acronym for Enjoyment Of The Game. Several guilds have taken this from our charter and hold it to the same level of tremendous importance as we do. Saved just for last, we expect every member to behave and treat others in a manner that will allow everyone to enjoy the game. Video games, after all, just games- and we are but a gaming guild. We are not a Political, Real World Organization, so do not try to muck us up with demands for complicated politics and councils and jury duties. Relax, have fun, and let your administration handle the management end of running the community! Have fun and make the game(s) we play fun for everyone around you!

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