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re: App: NeveahScottis

The application submitted by NeveahScottis is as follows:

What is the gaming name that you go by?:
Neveah Scottis

What online game(s) do you play?:
Mainly SWTOR. Also ESO, WoW, Rift, Neverwinter, STO, EVE, LotR, D&D, GW2, and SWGEmu.

How did you hear about Pax Republica?:
I honestly don't remember from where. Seen some of you in-game though, so that might be it.

What was it about Pax Republica that encouraged you to sign up with us, rather than with another guild/clan?:
I've already been with several other guilds. I never left them due to any personal reasons; I am simply looking for something that suits me just right. I ought to give Pax Republica a go. I believe I spotted a recruitment message in chat or somewhere and it appealed to me.

Do you want us to know anything else about you? How can we find you in-game? Do you have any questions about us?:
I currently main an Imp character and I am in a decent guild Impside. However, before joining them, I had been maining a Pub toon. I still consider her my real main, and so I do not want all that effort to go to waste, thus I want to have her in a guild that does stuff. The Pubside version of my Imp guild is nothing more than an alt dump.

She goes by the name of Neveah Scottis. I can ask for an invite once I am in Discord.

I am seeking a guild that partakes in a variety of activities. For instance, I am an achievement whore. There are a lot of things I would like to do, like Vet and Master Uprisings, Flashpoints, or anything that requires the aid of a knowledgeable, skilled, and tightly knit group. Other examples include, but not limited to: Master Chapters, World PvP, and Boss Hunts. I would also like to do HM Operations, but I do not want that to be my only avenue. In my experience, too many guilds focus exclusively on Ops, and while I would like to participate in Ops runs every now and then, there are plenty of other things I would like to do as well.

How much of this describes Pax Republica?


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re: DECLINED - App: NeveahScottis - by Nylos Aurion

I am glad you found us!

We are a casual guild and learned that going hard-core towards any one activity causes burnout haha. We dabble in a bit of everything, but don't hard core push or guilt trip folks into participating.

As a guild we coordinate activities on our discord. Each week we schedule 2-3 raids as 'sign ups'. This gives folks a chance to get in on a raid they can 'count on' going off. We usually include an activity that pertains to conquest (Could be a heroic run, FP, World Boss, Operation or PvP). That give folks a chance to learn about conquest and  easily get the extra rewards that come with hitting their target.

Additionally, we have lots of 'spontaneous' groups that form up randomly. Generally speaking, those are all over the board, depending on how many folks are online and interested. We organize those in a channel  in discord called Looking for Group. Paxians as well as our friends and Allies have access to it. Anytime someone is in the mood to do something they post in guild chat, and follow up in the channel with a note as well. WB's, MFPs, and operations are common.

HM ops we currently don't schedule, only because that was the last activity that burned folks out. That caused some folks to 'take a break' from the game.  However, in the last month or so, several of our members have voiced their interest in starting them back up again. It is worth mentioning though, that we have had a surge in new members who are new/returning to the game, who may not yet be ready for HM ops.

Additionally, I don't know that we have ever tried to organize HM chapter runs. My understanding was that the reward to time ratio wasn't favorable to most players.

One of the things I love about our guild, is that it is very much, 'If You build it, they will come'. One of our members did World Boss Wednesdays for a season to try for the achievement speeder. Another wanted the Master FP achievement and regularly organized runs for folks to get it. I myself got folks together to complete the Shroud quest that had been sitting in my log for years. Most of the folks in our guild love exploring the game, and just need a target to hit.

I encourage you to at least check out our discord. Message us when you are in there, and we can assign you a recruit role and get a ginvte in game.  You can then review the history of our channels to see the type of activities we do and how often. You can also see some of our general silliness that we have as well.


That is our server. If you have any problem getting in or getting a ginvite, just let me know  :)





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