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re: Coming soon: Guild Org Chart and new titles

Just a heads up that the officers are working on a chart which will show the command structure of the guild as well as which members play which games.  Each branch of the guild (centered around a game we play) will have at least one officer and possibly one or more deputies.  In the spirit of keeping our Roman names for ranks and titles, we will create two new titles:

Praetor:  This title (not a rank, I'll explain the difference in a second) will be the highest ranking officer for that particular game.  Generally it is given to the most active, skilled, and knowledgeable player that we have in that game.   To hold this title a player must be a Justicar in the guild or higher.

Centurion:  This title will be given to anyone that is not a guild officer but has such activity/skill/knowledge in the game that they are deemed worthy to hold in-game "officer" rank and privileges to help with the logistics of running the guild in that game. They are sort of deputies of that game, and they must hold Legionnaire rank or higher.


So these two titles are like "job titles" that someone can hold for a game... this is different than their rank in the guild which is based essentially on time-in-service in the guild as well as activity level and leadership across the whole guild experience (forums, in-game, teamspeak, GroupMe, etc.)

If you're familiar with the military, it's like having a Squadron or Platoon Commander, whose title is "commander" but whose rank may be Captain or Lt. Colonel.  You could also be a Captain but not be a commander of anything, perhaps you are a Pilot or a General's Executive Officer.  Pilot or Executive Officer are titles.

Just thought you guys would like to know what's happening behind the scenes :)

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