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re: Re: The Story of the Para-Military Organization Pax Republic

Pax Republica wrote:
this project is scrapped until further notice.

 It has been 5 years since this project was abandoned. It is obvious that RP in our guild was considered for the guild only while waiting for the game to kick in, and that it died in the very first year since swtor launched. I do not know how much of the in game RP events were held, since what happens in game usually stays in game and ends up forgotten. I joined the guild in 2015 and to my notice no RP event was ever done since. Our guild has no story to tell. The only RP it has is this subforum that nobody uses anymore. I was promoted to RP Captain in 2017, as the only RP Officer now, I will attempt to realize our guild story via project that I has been working on since I joined Pax Republica. In order to do that, I will need Pax Republica swtor members to join me, because you are the ones who make the guild, and without you there is no Guild RP, just like without you there is no guild PvE and no guild PvP.

First what you need to know that Guild Story will not be held in game, it will be held on website designed for RP that I personally created and worked on. It's advantages are that you will not need to be online in a specific date/hour to RP, you will RP in your own free time when you want. Another is that our story is going to be saved, which the in game events are not capable to do. That means that when new players join our guild, they will not bump into abandoned and unfinished projects, they will be able to join and continue what we started, and have the clear image of what we together accomplished so far. And it can also be fun, because it includes character sheets, species, classes, prestige classes, that you cannot play in the game itself. It has forum combat, so what you are and what your partner is matters, not just for RP interactions and morality, but also for co-operative work. Only together you can ensure that group missions do not fail. If we grow enough with this and I get some assistants, there may be work on 8 crew member operations as well. For now to start, we will need only 4 players.

Anyone who wants to help or has questions can contact me via discord Oyo#6081. To join the first official Pax Republica Episode click here.

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